"The (first aid) supplies should be adequate, should reflect the kinds of injuries that occur, and should be stored in an area where they are readily available for emergency access....A specific example of the minimal contests of a workplace first aid kit is described in ANSI Z308.1-2003. The minimal requirements are suitable for small businesses. For large operations, employers should determine how many first-aid kits are needed, and if it is appropriate to augment the kits with additional first aid equipment and supplies."

ANSI Required Fill

*Recommended WFA Analgesic (Oral) included in a first aid kit shall be packaged in a single dose, tamper evident, package with full labeling as required by FDA regulations, and should contain no ingredients which are known to cause drowsiness

 ANSI Standard Scope and Purpose ANSI Z308.1-2009

This standard establishes minimum performance requirements for first aid kits and their contents that are intended for use in various work environments.  Because each work environment is unique, it is expected that the required products will be supplemented with additional products and quantities based upon consultation and recommendation of a person competent in first aid and cognizant of hazards found in the particular work environment.


To be in compliance with this standard, first aid kits must contain the required products and meet all other applicable requirements in their entirety.  This standard anticipates that additional first aid products will be included to augment the kit, based upon the specific hazards existing in a particular environment.

Recommended Contents 

In addition to the required contents optional products and sizes should be included, depending on specific hazards, to augment a kit based upon the specific hazards existing in a particular work environment.


Classification of First Aid Kits

  • Type I - Are intended for use in stationary, indoor settings where the potential for damage of kit contents due to environmental factors and rough handling is minimal.  Type I first aid kits are required to have a means for mounting in a fixed position and are generally not intended to be portable.
  • Type II - Intended use: portable, indoor settings in a controlled environment. Potential for damage of kit contents: minimal. Requirements: minimum fill requirements, carrying handle, subjected to a drop test.
  • Type III - Intended use: portable use outdoors and in mobile industries. Potential for damage of kit contents: significant. Requirements: moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, carrying handle; minimum fill requirements; means for mounting in fixed position; subjected to conditioning and drop tests. Typical applications: general outdoor use, mobile industries.